Funny, I was here, yet, I didn’t hear the postman – Usually there’s a loud THUD whenever he drops a box on our front porch or I hear the truck pull in if he leaves something by the garage. – so it was a complete surprise when DH brought in a box the other night.

I’m doubly surprised because, although I’ve been on the lookout for packages arriving from my latest yarn fairies, I wasn’t expecting one from my earliest one. I’ve received yarn from Sandi in Maryland since June of 2011!! – Sandi, can you believe it has been three years?! – Back then I called her the ‘ Yarn Lady ‘. Now she even has a Yarn Fairy on her address label. So cute, sitting on a big ball of yarn!

581 label

O.K., so I didn’t wait for you to get here – I already opened the box. But I didn’t take more than the littlest of peeks. lol

581 1-box

Sandi packs in so much yarn, her boxes actually bulge a little. The easiest way to get a look at everything inside is to unceremoniously dump it!

581 2 pile

Of course, wanting to see what’s underneath, I immediately tweeked the skeins! lol

581 3 tweeked

Ooooh, there are some pretty blues and greens under there!

It looks like Sandi’s included a complete ripple ‘kit’ for me.

581 4 ripple kit

I’m amazed that, with the huge amount of yarn that I’ve gone through since I started making charity blankets, I still come across brands that are new to me, like ‘Pop ‘n Yarn’

581 5 Pop 'n Yarn

and ‘Fiesta’. Not Red Heart Fiesta, just ‘Fiesta’.

581 6 Fiesta 68cts

It’s paper band boldly declares it a SPECIAL VALUE at 68¢, but the little white sticker tells us Woolworth’s sold it for only 66. lol.

A few other vintage skeins are headed to my charity wool stash,

581 7 wool

including this one from Red Heart, which has a special little heart-shaped metal charm that reads, ” Start Knitting Here “.

581 8 woolcharm

Twenty-five minutes into this recent Ready, Set, Knit! podcast, Kathy and Steve of Webs talk about how SMC Yarns now marks the starting end by taping it to a yarn’s label. Interesting how many new ideas are actually quite old.

Thanks to Sandi I’m fully prepared for Halloween,

581 9 skeins2

Valentine’s Day 2015,

581 9 skeIns1

and. . . well, whatever holiday is represented by blues, greens and a crayon box variegated. lol.

581 9 skeins3

Thank You, Sandi. Thank you for sending so many Fun Colors! I’m sure the little kids will love each blanket, Halloween or otherwise, that I make with the Vivid Oranges in particular.

581 10 all yarn

Now comes the challenge of getting everybody back into the box.


581 box refilled

Well, done except for a few whites. lol

581 just a few whites

No, nooo. . . It feels terribly wrong to cover up so many pretty colors. groan.

581 hidden

I promise, they’ll remain hidden for only the few minutes it takes for me to get this box up into our attic

581 topped with white

and nestle it next to the boxes from Ann and Lisa. I’ll stash the skeins of white ASAP, so I can once again enjoy the display of my newest colors.

581 box refilledhappy sigh.

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