#36 – Inspired by Paint Samples

The inspiration for this week’s ripple is a palette of paint colors that I clipped out of a magazine. This combo is called ‘Summer Carnival’, which promises to “Bring the look of geraniums indoors.” Hunh?

582 PS ad

I love these Valspar Signature color names: ‘Late Day Sun’, ‘Gilded Pesto’, – Gilded Pesto? lol. – ‘Very Berry’, ‘So Long Shadow’, and ‘Pensive Plum’.

My acrylic yarn palette matches, more or less. Wintuk ‘Lt. Spring’ and Yarns Brunswick Windrush ‘Spring Leaf’ were as close as I could get to Gilded Peso chartreuse.

582 PS chenille

The other colors’ names are, listed dark to light, RHSS ‘Light Berry, Lion Brand Sayelle ‘Dusty Rose’, Caldor Sayelle ‘June Rose’, Dawn Sayelle ‘Primrose’. I also used an anonymous light pink and two anonymous light yellows.

The hand-rolled balls of purple heather are 10 ounces of chenille yarn, harvested from a slightly used Coldwater Creek sweater. The Sal’s price tag that I found tucked in with the yarn said $3.99, but I’m quite sure that I wouldn’t have paid that much. It must have been a half-price day!

Emily, as usual, has been Very Helpful. It’s so funny how she lurks at the sidelines of a photo shoot, entering the scene,

582 PS Emily


582 PS tail

– her third pass –

only once I’m using the camera! lol.

I had intended to alternate single pink and purple bands but, after completing one of each I decided to calm the design down, at least a little, by instead doing double bands.

582 PS close-up

I think that idea worked out well.

Summer Carnival

582 PS full

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6 Responses to #36 – Inspired by Paint Samples

  1. deebriese says:

    Love it! Do you weave as you go? Or finish then weave in ends.

    • Thank You!

      “Weave in ends.” ugh.
      Instead I crochet over them. I say it’s to save time, but really it’s because I know that I’d procrastinate on weaving them in until the pile of unfinished ripples would reach the ceiling! lol

      Because over the years I’ve been led to believe that weaving in ends is so much more secure, I always thought working over them was taking a less reliable shortcut, but then my sister did a laundry test and we found out that worked over ends rarely do more than pop out their tips just like woven in ends do, so I no longer feel guilty about it.

      However, I do weave in ends of any particularly slippery yarn, like ‘Caron Simply Soft’ or fun furs, and on all granny squares and granny cluster borders.

  2. Sharon says:

    Hello!! Very pretty as usual! You put so much thought into each one that you do! Thanks!

    • HI!, Sharon, and Thank You!
      Oh, I think you’re probably just as thoughtful about your projects. It’s just that, thanks to this blog, I’ve had a few years practice at recalling at least part of what I was thinking during the creative process. – It’s nice to write a little more than “Here’s this week’s ripple.”. lol.

  3. Kathy says:

    Very Pretty! 🙂

  4. yarnchick40 says:

    Great colors ~ and great way to get inspiration from paint 🙂

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