Ripple #37 – A Blue One

Technically, since there’s off-white in it, this ripple can’t be considered part of my All-Blue Series, but it still helped me to burn through a bit more of my overabundance of navy and light blue yarns.

585 close

I used an RHSS variegated, ‘Blue Ombre’, to border all the off-white stripes. Wanting to use up as much of it as I possibly could, I put double-row borders on two stripes.

Blue on Blue

585 full view

Hunh. Those two don’t stand out nearly as much as I thought they would, which is neither a good or bad thing, but just how it turned out. shrug.

All in all. . . I’m happy. I made a Nice-Looking Blanket.

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8 Responses to Ripple #37 – A Blue One

  1. tiniree says:

    With my husband & two boys, I am partial to blue’s & gray’s. I love this one!

  2. This is how the conversation went just now between the husband and myself.

    Me: Oh, this one is pretty! Look. See? (Pushing my phone over to his face, so he can see. ) Isn’t this one pretty?

    DH: Yes. It’s pretty.

    Lol! We both really like Blue on Blue! I think the way you used the variegated gives it a really cool design element.

  3. I’m trying to think what it reminds me of. Ding! Those sporadic blue sections in the variegated rows look like those clear soaps or candles that have chunks of different colors in them. Or that candy made by Brachs. It’s white and has little, citrus flavored pieces mixed all up in it. I don’t know. It’s like the eye says, “Oh! Hey, there’s something there. ” I like it!

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