This Never Gets Old

My stealthy postman struck again, silently leaving our mail on the front porch, including a box from yet another new yarn fairy, Chrissy in Texas. – Hi, Chrissy! –

586 box

It doesn’t seem to matter that over the years I’ve received many gifts of yarn for my ripple project, I still get really excited about each one! Can’t wait another minute; I want to see what Chrissy sent. . .

Oh, Look! Right on top there’s some RHSS ‘Spring Green’!

586 open box

This is wonderful as my stash has no zingy lime/chartreuse!

586 chartreuse

And I love this particular shade of yellow too! Almost all the yellow yarn I have is either very bright or very pastel; it’s nice to have some that’s in-between.

Did you possibly notice the little surprise that was tucked in the back corner?

586 hook

A size I (5.5 mm) hook. – Thank you, Chrissy! – In my opinion, you can never have too many H and I crochet hooks, especially when they color-coordinate so well with your yarn. lol.

586 baby+hook

Baby Bee Pitter Patter and Sweet Delight could be the beginning of a beautiful baby blanket!

Oh. My. One Thousand Yards of ‘Antique White’.

586 lb. of love

Pound of Love yarn is so soft, it seems meant for something more elegant than your everyday ripple. I’m somewhat tempted to make a solid-colored baby blanket with it, a non-ripple, non-granny one!

This skein of ‘Buttercup’ I Love This Cotton! holds enough yarn to knit three more washcloths. Yay!

586 cotton

And there are several Caron One Pounders. . . every skein a color that my acrylic stash is low on.

586 one pound

I’m going to have such fun designing ripples around the the colors in these pretty variegated yarns.

586 Ilovethisyarn

Funny, the green, called ‘Tweed’, reminds me quite a bit of RHSS’ ‘Fleck’.

I don’t think I’ve had the opportunity to play with I Love This Yarn! before, not surprising as the nearest Hobby Lobby store is now about 30 miles away. But a new one is going to open soon in Manchester, CT, which is much closer.

Oops, distracted myself for a second there. . .Was just thinking about the Hobby Lobby coupons that I’ll be able to use at JoAnns, – lol. – not that I need to buy yarn anytime soon, thanks to my all of my incredibly generous yarn fairies.

Chrissy simply told me that she had mailed off a package of left over acrylics. Well, these are SOME “leftovers”! lol.

586 refilled

What a wonderful assortment of yarns to pick from, including some new-to-me brands/types. Thank You, Chrissy!

Recently, yarn fairies like Chrissy have become a bigger part of my ripple project. Yarn flows in – at the astounding rate of one box per week for the past month! – and kids’ blankets flow out, at the rate of at least one a week. Hmmm. If I don’t want to be buried in yarn I think I’d best try my hand at weaving a blanket real soon. I gather, from what I’ve read, that weaving can go even faster than crocheting!

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6 Responses to This Never Gets Old

  1. Chrissy says:

    You are very welcome. I’m glad this yarn will be going to a good cause rather than sitting unused in my closet. You are such a generous lady to give your time to make all these wonderful blankets for the kids. Keep up the good work and God bless!

  2. yarnchick40 says:

    Yay!! What a wonderful surprise and Chrissy, you are an angel 🙂 Happy hooking lady!!!

  3. Bettina says:

    WOOHOO!!!! how utterly wonderful 🙂

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