#38 Trial and Error

I started by gathering a pile of yarns: light pink, green and blue, medium rose, green and blue, and some white. I had a generous amount of every color. Nice, but a shortage in one or two colors often jumpstarts my creativity, while having plenty of everything seems to stymie it, ” What will I do with all this yarn? Hmmm? What will I do? ” lol.

I went with two-row stripes of the three mediums. Eew, the three Country Colors together reminded me the 80’s. I had flashbacks of White Geese with BIG blue ribbon neck bows trailing off into the distance, lol, you know the type!

So I ad-lib my way through another series of stripes: med light blue – white – med light green – white – med light pink – white. Not as bad as the first, but I don’t want to do that for the rest of the blanket, do I?

587 close

I know! I put the three mediums together at the beginning, how about I put the three lights together next? yeah.

And that’s how it went. I made things up as I went along, one stripe set at a time, until I reached the mid-point of the blanket. Then I repeated everything a second time.

Sweet Peas

587 full view

I see now that reversing the order of the striping for the second half would have created a much more powerful design. I should make a note of this somewhere – as an idea for a future ripple.

Oh, yeah. I can do that right here!

Note to Self: Make a second version of Sweet Peas. . . like I said above.

Just created a new tag, ‘ideas for future ripples’. Cool.

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1 Response to #38 Trial and Error

  1. AnnB says:

    It hints of a gentle ombré gradation. Very nice. Love the colors.

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