Tag Saling

I’ve visited very few tag sales so far this year, so I decided to check out a relatively new all-town one, just across the Massachusetts border. I planned to get to the town green by 8:00 when the local Boy Scouts would start selling maps marked with all the sale sites. – I’d prefer to spend my money on somebody’s used junk, lol, but I don’t know my way around Monson and figured I’d quickly get disoriented if I tried to follow sale sign after sale sign. – Well, I didn’t get my map until about, oh, 9:30?, cuz sales started popping up long before I’d reached the town limits.

DH had reminded me the night before to watch for Pampered Chef stoneware bread pans as he really likes the way his bread turns out when baked in them.

SCORE! $6.00, at the very first sale!

588 bread pan

I didn’t dicker as it was so early in the day. Besides $6.00 is a Great price, compared to $25.50! This is pan #3. I earned pan #1 years ago as a Pampered Chef consultant and I found #2 just a few weeks ago at the new Sal’s. DH makes four loaves of bread at a time, so I hope to find one more.

At that same sale. . . a box of over 100 skeins of embroidery floss, all rolled neatly on little bobbins, priced at $1.00, – There was another one with only about a dozen skeins. I squeezed them in with the rest so DH can have that second box for sorting/storing little screws, hangers, etc. –

588 some floss

and this generously sized project bag, which surprisingly, considering its age, is in pristine condition! – Could it possibly be from the 40’s? Looks like vintage bark cloth to me. –  50¢,

588 vintage bag

and a bag of zippers – forty of them for $2.00. A single zipper probably costs that much at full retail!

588 zippers!

What a fantastic way to start the day!

Other crafty finds, from two separate sales, were a single skein of RHSS and a partially knit sweater, which will provide over a pound of green heather wool, $1.00 each.

588 some yarn

As I was taking these photos I discovered why this sweater was never finished, two different dyelots; some pieces are yellower than others. Won’t be a problem if I use it for projects smaller than a sweater.

588 two dyelots

Throughout the day I picked up a lovely assortment of stuffed critters for foster kids. – How unusual to have come across three elephants, all grey. – I paid anywhere from ten to fifty cents. The tiniest bear was free.

588 critters

That black blob at center back is a cute gorilla.

For teen foster girls I bought Avon lotions, 50¢ per 4 oz. tube, – Such a Deal! –

588 lotions

and a few pairs of like-new flip-flops.

588 flip-flops

They were marked 50¢. As the saleswoman bagged them I commented that they were headed to Haiti, so kids wouldn’t have to walk to school barefoot. . .

and she insisted on giving me my money back!

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4 Responses to Tag Saling

  1. Karen says:

    Great finds! I’m going to check out that sale next year!

  2. Wazeau says:

    Great finds, esp the floss! Been trying to avoid garage/yard sales but your haul really tempts me to start!

    • Thanks. I wasn’t looking for floss, but couldn’t pass by that fantastic buy. That’s the thing about shopping these sales. – You can save a ton of money, especially if you go with a list and stick to it. But it’s so easy to fill your car with “stuff”. I’m becoming more thoughtful about what I choose to buy.

      On the other hand, avoiding them altogether definitely saves you alotta time! I didn’t get home til after one and then still had to find places to put everything I bought, which brings us to another thing you save by not going. . . storage space! lol. Thankfully the bulk of what I buy gets donated away, so once it’s washed it can just hang out in the car until my next drop-off.

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