Feeling Inspired. . .

-by this tank top.

589 ad photo

I have yarns that closely resemble the tank’s colors,

589 yarn selection

but rather than try to duplicate the top’s stripes I’m going to let my new design assistant, Biscuits and Jam’s Weighted Stripe Generator, suggest a striping pattern.

There’s 3.5 oz. of peach, 2.5 oz. light peach, 6 Sayelle ‘Baby Green’, 4.5 RHSS ‘White’, 5.5 blue, and 4 oz of navy. That’s 26 ounces in all.

When I multiply 26 by 3.33 rows per ounce – the number of ripple rows I know that I can crochet from one ounce of RHSS, my usual yarn – I find that I should be able to get a 86-row ripple out of this yarn. That’s Great! as I usually do 84-row kids’ blankets.

It was easy to enter the weight of each yarn into the corresponding colored squares on the generator’s chart. (Yes, you can use decimals.) Then I entered 84 for the number of rows I wanted and. . . BaZing!, pushed the Generate my Stripes button. So Exciting!!

But I didn’t like the first striping pattern that appeared. Blech.

So I just kept refreshing the page, once – Blech again!, twice, Blech, 3 time, Blech, 4 times, Aaah, until I finally got a pattern that I did like.

Of course, I knew that I would still fiddle with it, a little, because I wanted the beginning and end of my blanket to be similar looking, but, other than that, lol, I expected that I would follow the striping generator’s pattern, exactly. Yeah, right.

I had already completed the ripple’s first couple of stripes

589 a start

when my sister gave me this skein of Mansanto’s Malina Corsage Hand Knitting Yarn. The color, ‘Tiger Lily’, stopped me in my tracks. Beautiful!

589 'Tiger Lily'

Since, except for the slight overabundance of ‘Baby Green’, I like my present ‘Biscuit and Jam’ striping design, I’ve decided that, instead of generating a new one to incorporate the ‘Tiger Lily’, I’m just going to throw in a light orange stripe whenever I feel like it.

And, because it’s only a 3-ply yarn, more sport than worsted, I’m going to do those stripes in half-double crochet, which creates a little denser fabric. Hopefully that will make the blanket feel pretty much the same thickness throughout.

I’m very anxious to see how this ripple’s going to turn out!

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2 Responses to Feeling Inspired. . .

  1. I love it when you play. Can’t wait to see how it comes out!

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