Purple Passion

Wouldn’t Purple Passion be a Great Name for a ripple? But, no, it’s the color name of the Phentex Craft Cotton that I picked next from my old stash.

591 Purple Passion yarn

What a pretty washcloth! I like the way this stitch pattern helps mix the yarn’s colors.

591 #5 Purple Passion

There is a slogan on the Phentex wrapper, “Make the best for less”.

HA! “Make the best with less” is more like it. lol. This ball of Phentex weighed only 1.75 ounces, smaller than the ‘Peaches & Creme’ and ‘Sugar and Cream’ yarns that I used in my first four knitted washcloths. I guess I shouldn’t complain as I got the yarn for free and I was able complete a second ‘Purple Passion’ washcloths, thanks to a good-sized scrap of a similar blue.

591 #5 + 6

I figured that I might just as well use up every bit of both yarns, so the second cloth is a little larger than the first. With the bold slightly off-center band of blue, it’s far from perfect looking, but both cloths feel wonderful, so soft and thick.

P.S. Long after I finished these, it dawned on me – slap on forehead – I could have striped the second one by alternating variegated and solid blue. – must remember to try that the next time I include a sizable scrap.

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4 Responses to Purple Passion

  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Linda!! Those are great! I tend to like the larger dishcloths myself. I think I just may make a couple for myself!!
    I am working on a rectangle granny afghan with my “scraps” right now. I am afraid I don’t go to such great care as you do to map all my colors out but I enjoy doing them. I give them to a church who gives them to various downtown missions for the homeless.
    Thanks for your inspiring blog!

    • Hey, Sharon~
      Yeah, my first cloths came out about 8″ square which I thought was a little on the skimpy side. I plan to make them bigger from now on – whenever I have enough yarn available.
      Scrappy blankets are Always Fun, whether they’re pre-planned or made with the “take the next scrap ball from the paper bag without looking” method. Curious – Are you crocheting your granny rectangle in rows or rounds?
      I’m happy to hear that you found a local outlet for your blankets. Winter is fast approaching when an extra layer will be much appreciated, especially a colorful hand-crocheted one. 🙂
      You’re very welcome. And thanks for your support!

  2. tiniree says:

    Linda – Where did you get the washcloth pattern? I really like it 🙂

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