#40 – A ‘Generated’ Ripple

Using the striping plan that I designed earlier this month with the help of the Weighted Stripe Generator turned out to be a blast!

592 TKT close

Part of the fun was in making a few ‘improvements’ along the way, like matching the ripple’s last few rows to those at its beginning, and spontaneously throwing in rows of yet another color, ‘Tiger Lily’.

589 'Tiger Lily'

I’ll be the first to admit that my finished ripple doesn’t much remind me of the tank top that supposedly inspired it, – lol –

589 ad photobut I’m too thrilled with my results to care about that.

592 TKT full

This one turned out so well, I expect I’ll want to ‘generate’ another randomly stripe ripple very soon. I think the process could easily become a habit!

P.S. Last week we celebrated the first day of Autumn. Although I’m giddy over the cooling weather and the changes it has brought to Mother Nature’s palette, I’ve also realized how little time there is left for me to finish painting the trim and clapboards that DH recently replaced on the back of our house and the weathered sections of picket fence that he has already scraped for me. – Thank you, Sweetie. – I’m also priming the front and back of the bead board wainscoting that, along with a new pedestal sink – yay! – will be going into our bathroom, a job that’s alot easier to do outdoors rather than in. Aaaand I’m starting to prepare our gardens for winter. So. . . if you notice that I’m writing more abbreviated posts, like last Monday’s 44 words, at least you’ll know why.

How are you doing on your Fall To-Do List?

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3 Responses to #40 – A ‘Generated’ Ripple

  1. I love it!! I have some catching up to do! I am back in yarny land after a three month whirlwind of starting a business and putting yarn on the back burner! 🙂 I miss it!!

    • Hey, Melissa ~ It’s great to hear from you again.
      Thank You!
      Somebody somewhere in Ravelry mentioned that you’re selling very pretty and very durable nail wraps. Word of mouth advertising is the best. Sounds like your biz is off to a great start – Congratulations! and Welcome Back. I bet your yarn and hooks missed you too. 🙂

  2. Wow! It came out beautifully! I think it looks very much like it’s inspiration piece. How fun! Tiger Lily definitely added just the right punch. Talk about great timing.

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