Ready for a Border

Wow, it’s been a couple of months since I last talked about my SweeTart Granny. The color range of my scraps had gotten so limited, it was taking me forever to choose colors for the next square, so I stopped after adding just one more round. But it’s o.k. that I called it quits early because Granny is already 38″ across – My kids’ ripples are usually 35″. – and will get a little wider with a border.

Now I’m considering which of these colors I’ll include in the border and in what order to put them.

594 choices

But Emily subtly reminds me that before I do anything about a border, I need to take care of the remaining yarn ends.

594 Emily

sigh. I should heed her wise advice.

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8 Responses to Ready for a Border

  1. AnnB says:

    This looks like it calls for a multi-color border. With the darkest the last. Maybe even a tiny pattern effect.

  2. Lovely. And I like the idea of the border. Saw-tooth perhaps? And I like the rose colored yarn.

  3. Becky says:

    A granny stitch border might be nice, with a different color in every row. Or a granite stitch border, with a different color in every row. The granite stitch would be narrower but have a similar effect as the granny border. Love the colors, btw. You might consider making a row of each color you have left over. Or use at least 3 colors, one pink, one blue, and one either aqua or lavender. I think the green is too strong for the border. Can’t wait to see what you choose.

    • Granite Stitch, eh? Guess I’ll have to go find out what that is now. lol.

      I agree – at least 3 colors. But I like the green. 😦
      So far all I’ve decided is that the first round will be white.

      • Aaah, so Granite Stitch is the same as the Moss or Seed Stitch. Easy-peasy – just scs and chains.

        Very pretty when worked in multiple colors.

        But, did you know, using two colors creates vertical stripes?!! What fun!

        Thank You, Becky.

      • Becky says:

        You’re welcome! I tried an entire afghan with the granite stitch once and ended up losing stitches on the turns. LOL It makes a wonderfully soft, flexible, thin fabric, with some stretch. I might have to try it again, especially since Googling images of it and seeing the pretty scrapghans. I have not seen the striping effect with that stitch — I have seen a zig zag look which is nice when you make the stripes wider. It works great for dish clothes too.

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