#7 thru 10

This spring I found a ball of yellow and green cotton, (I think it’s Bernat Handicrafter ‘Key Lime Pie’.) at the new Sal’s.

0-CTN 7-10 yarn

Considering that particular thrift store’s current yarn pricing of $2.99 for even partial skeins, I felt very lucky to have found it untagged; the clerk on duty let me both it and the teal/purple acrylic ball for just 50¢ each! Yay!

With two and a half ounces of this pretty yarn, – half an ounce more than either of the yarns I picked for Washcloths #1-4, 3/4 oz. more than the yarn in #5+6I was able to make slightly larger cloths by casting on 40 stitches instead of the usual 37 and adding a few rows.

593 7+8 keylime

Next,  using the second ball of Sugar ‘n Cream ‘Landscape’,

0-CTN 7-10

I made two more regular-sized washcloths, one of ‘Landscape’ alone and one with a yellow/green stripe of leftover ‘Key Lime’.

593 9+10 lndscp

Woo-Hoo! This makes a total of ten washcloths ready to go to Haiti.

593 7-10 1-10

My cost so far – 50¢!! ROFL

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2 Responses to #7 thru 10

  1. Where are you sending to in Haiti? I’d love to join your efforts!
    I also love how the yarn pooled in those dishcloths. Zig zags – How fun!

    • I don’t mail the washcloths; I just drop them into the same donation box where I leave my ripple blankets. They get passed on to a church which, a couple of times per year, sends off a barrel of sneakers, flip-flops, personal care products (soap in particular) and washcloths.

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