#41 – More Little Grey Stripes

Remembering how much I liked the contrast of the narrow grey stripes in this June’s “Dawn on a Rainy Day”,

567 scrap #4 - full view

I thought I’d give them a second try.

As is often the case when I use several partial skeins, the widths of this ripple’s stripes were decided by how many ounces I had of each color.

595 BQT-close

Besides grey, I used the following colors (listed from light to dark):

I started with the palest pink you can imagine, — That’s right, in spite of what the photos seem to show, there’s actually No White in this blanket!* — TLC Essentials ‘Powder Pink’, Fore-‘n-Aft ‘Sandpiper’, Lion Brand Sayelle ‘Dusty Rose’, heathered burgundy chenille and dark solid burgundy.

It’s always fun to see how one of my ‘ripple recipes’, created with the help of my trusty old calculator and usually scribbled on scrap paper, will turn out!

Like A Bouquet of Roses

595 BQT-full* Only as I wrote this post did it occur to me that if I’d laid a skein of White yarn on this ripple my little camera would have been forced to show you how Pink the lightest stripes really are.

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5 Responses to #41 – More Little Grey Stripes

  1. Karen says:

    Love, love, love the colors!!! You are so talented at creating striping patterns!

    • Oh, Thank You, Karen. Creating striping patterns is so much FUN!

      I often try to explain my process, cuz I’d like for all my readers to be able to join me in playing with colors, but over the years I’ve come to realize that many people are adverse to the math involved. So every week I provide a clear ripple photo which minimizes the math as much as possible. . . just count the rows in each stripe and crochet away! 🙂

  2. yarnchick40 says:

    So pretty!!! I just love your way with colors 🙂

    • HI! and Thank You.
      Playing with colors is my most favorite thing to do.

      BTW – I really enjoyed reading the blog post about all your ‘new’ knitting machines! (Just how many did you actually score in that Amazing Haul?? I lost count!)
      I have a Bond. I actually got as far as knitting a join-as-you-go three panel blanket with it, only to discover a major flaw in the yarn right in the middle of one of the panels! Ugh. I put both the blanket and machine into attic ‘time-out’, where they’ve stayed for years.
      I should at least rescue what yarn I can from that blanket! Crocheting a ripple with the crinkly unraveled yarn would probably feel quite satisfying.

      I wish you the very best of luck with completing your first machine-knitted dishcloth. You Can Do This!!

      • yarnchick40 says:

        Thanks! I need the pep-talk. Those machines are SO FRUSTRATING at first! There are 3 separate ones, so it took a couple of hours just figuring out which pieces went with which machine 🙂 If you get that bad boy out of the attic and fire it up, you’ll have to give me pointers! Happy hooking this weekend!

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