Ripple #42 – Inspired by. . .

a stack of towels.

I really like the combination of colors in this photo that I cut from an old L.L. Bean catalog. Five plush bath towels in Blue Periwinkle, White, Collegiate Blue, Soft Teal and Dark Cranberry,

596 ATL towels

My similar-looking mix includes Red Heart Super Saver ‘Country Blue’, ‘White’, ‘Dusty Teal’,  a couple of anonymous scrapballs of burgundy, and an anonymous dark blue/green from last October’s Historical Society tag sale. I recognized it by the handwritten weight tags stuck on each yarn cake – shown in the upper right-most bag of this photo of that day’s haul. (Each bag of yarn cost only 50¢!)

496 ziplocs of yarn

I decided on what ratio I wanted to help balance my five colors and then set the stripes in the same order as in the towel photo. – Why ‘fix’ something that’s not broken? lol

596 ATL close

Repeating a five-color sequence over and over doesn’t make for a very fancy striping pattern, but I still find this one striking! That’s probably because these are the colors that decorate much of our home, but I also really like a couple of things that aren’t so obvious. . . Did you happen to notice that there are two shades of burgundy stripes? And what about the subtle differences in the widths of all the single-row stripes? For some reason this phenomenon shows more in the burgundy stripes more than the white ones, but both colors alternate wider/narrower because I alternated between crocheting a row from the front and then from the back of the blanket. Odd, but kinda cool.

What a geek I am to notice such things! LOL

I call this week’s ripple

Atlantic Blue Stripe

as that’s the name on the L.L.Bean striped towel laying to the left of the five solid ones in the catalog photo.


596 ATL full

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