#43 – Inspired by. . .

this sweater.

598 sweater photo

Fall’s beautiful colors, whether found on a tree-covered hillside or in chaotically scattered leaves on a sidewalk, usually are splashed one against another. But in the sweater above, as in my matching ripple below, they’re carefully spaced in narrow stripes.

598 close-up

This is so pretty, I think I’ll repeat the design in another season’s colors. . . I bet it would be gorgeous in reds and greens!

Regimented Sugar Maples

598 full view

Ooooh! And how about bright pinks and greens on white for spring?

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3 Responses to #43 – Inspired by. . .

  1. Karen says:

    The gray sweater in the middle of the photo is nice, too. I bet the gray background with the shades of blues and greens (?) would make a very nice boy blanket!

  2. Bettina says:

    ooh … lovely!!!

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