#44 – Off to a Slow Start

I’ve been debating how to best use the “Vanna’s Choice” that yarn fairy, Lisa, sent me.

579 Taupe579 Olive

While the idea of making an ‘All-Vanna’ blanket did occur to me, I vetoed that as a flagrant waste of this rare commodity! To provoke my creativity, I’m considering setting a limit for myself of about one part Vanna to two parts of my usual RHSS/vintage mix. That would mean I could use up to 28 rows of Vanna, a generous amount of ‘exotic’ color for one of my little ripples.

But first I wanted to see if I could get by with using far less. From the four, I chose ‘Rust’, figuring that just a little of this brilliant color would do alot!

579 Rust

I planned for 10 rows in an 84-row blanket, estimating that would take about one skein.

601 brass-close

Because ‘Rust’ isn’t nearly as reddish as most rust yarns, – and ‘A Touch of Rust’ wouldn’t sound nearly as nice – I’m calling this one. . .

A Touch of Brass

601 brass-full

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3 Responses to #44 – Off to a Slow Start

  1. Karen says:

    Wow! LOVE the colors!

  2. I’ve been anxious to see what you’ll do with your Vanna. Fantastic! You are just amazing with your color combos and placement. Love it!

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