#45 – Inspired by. . .

yet another magazine clipping, one that I cut so long ago I no longer remember what kind of object had these beautiful stripes.

602 clipping

Something very flat, obviously, because none of the stripes waver. That makes me think it’s wallcovering, while DH leans toward a canvas sling beach chair. – Where does he get these ideas? – Well, whatever, it’s the lovely mix of colors that I’m interested in and will try my best to match.

It’s pretty unusual for me to use so many colors – Eight! – in a non-scrappy ripple, and they’re all over the place too: Pale, Light, Bright, Medium and Dark.

602 close-up

I opened a couple of more skeins from my yarn fairies, – Thank you ladies! – RHSS ‘Tea Leaf’ (1) and ‘Light Blue’ (2), and gathered up several partial skeins of older yarns, some much older: ‘Avocado’ – Banberry Crossing Wintuk (3), ‘Sandpiper’ – Brunswick Fore-n’-Aft (4), ‘Soft Pink’ – Red Heart Puff (5), ‘Candy Pink’ – Sayelle (6), ‘White’ – Caron Wintuk (7), ‘Primrose’ – from both Fashion Knit and Love Knit (8).

602 full horiz

The calendar may say November but, I think you’ll agree, these are definitely

Colors of Spring!

602 full vert

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6 Responses to #45 – Inspired by. . .

  1. AnnB says:

    I love the use of more colors of yarn. Very interesting, like a flower garden.

  2. Bettina says:

    REALLY love it!!!!!

  3. Karen says:

    I love this! My favorite so far! =)

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