A SweeTart Ta-Dah!

I decided on a simple three-color border for my SweeTart Granny afghan,

600 chosen colors

starting with white in plain double crochet, followed by two rounds of RHSS ‘Tea Leaf’, one dc and one hdc, for just the right amount of green. I then ended with a sc/chain picot edging in bright pink. Perky little pink points that were fun to make, and to look at!

600 border

I’m pleased with the ratio of the three colors within the border and I really like how the white sets the green and pink away from the blanket’s mix of many scrap colors.

SweeTart Granny

600 on bench

What a cheerful-looking blanket!

I admit that I like looking at it tumbling off the bench far more than seeing it laid out flat.

600 full flat view

The idea of doing a double-round of assorted solid squares is far from my best. sigh. Instead of adding to the overall design, it’s distracting. I wish I’d used only very light scraps or a single color for those two rounds. But, no worries, I still think this is a fun little blanket. Finished Size: 41″ x 56″.

I enjoyed playing with the single-color scrap squares. An entire blanket of assorted solid squares would be a relatively quick scrap project, thanks to join-as-you-go! Here are some of my favorite examples from Ravelry: Giant Granny Patches, Little Squares Afghan, and Sisters Scrap Afghan.

And tall those little pastel centers that I have leftover. . .


well, they’re like little ‘Granny Seeds’. They can wait in our attic until the time is right to grow yet another scrap granny.

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6 Responses to A SweeTart Ta-Dah!

  1. AnnB says:

    I like the resting place of the solids dividing the stars into inner and outer groups. You have to look carefully to see that it was planned and is actually rectangular, because it looks very random, like a puddle of stars. I like it.

  2. Edith says:

    What a beautiful blanket, I love it!

  3. I think it’s lovely! Rather Monet. I’ve faved both the crochet projects you linked. Those look fun, too!

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