#46 – Rusty II

‘A Touch of Brass’, ripple #44 of 2014, turned out so well,

601 brass-full

I decided to design a second ripple using just 10 rows of Vanna White’s ‘Rust’.

The Power of Oxidation

603 full view

A simple dark brown yarn serves as a wonderful accent!

The rather fuzzy anonymous variegated of grey, tan and off-white is so subtle, I easily fit in fourteen rows of it. Red Heart Soft ‘ Light Wheat’ happens to match the tan in it very well!

603 close-upI love when that sort of thing happens – don’t you? – not that I wouldn’t have happily used some other tan yarn.

I think it would be fun to see how different this variegated would look combined with lots of black. Luckily, I have plenty left to play with. . . an entire pound!

603 BRS yarn

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2 Responses to #46 – Rusty II

  1. cmv1021 says:

    Hi Linda! Long time no chat! Lol I’ve been admiring your afghans from afar all this time! Beautiful work as usual! I enjoy seeing what you come up with! I think your fuzzy mystery yarn may be Red Heart with Love in the color-way “Stones”. If not, it’s a pretty close match! Lol 🙂 Take care!


    • Hey, Cidalia! – How are you?

      I’m happy to know that you still visit. (I don’t comment on every blog I read either.)

      Boy, you’ve got a good eye for colors! Red Heart with Love ‘Stones’ is very similar, but it has two shades of tan, while mine’s only got the one. darn

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