Hoping to Salvage a Ripple

I found a lovely green-striped blanket at a Savers second-hand store.

604 1 full view

It’s a Big One, 52″ x 84″, or about four and a half by seven feet.

604 4 yardstick

And it’s in beautiful condition too! I had intended to simply pass it on, as a gift for a child entering foster care, until I noticed. . . The Stain.

I decided to buy it anyway, figuring if the stain didn’t wash out I could just unravel from that end until I passed the stripe with the spot.

Let’s see. . . if I unravel enough to make both ends solid green I’ll still have. . . 84″ minus 21″, a 63″ long blanket. Yes!, that would work.

Going to the bother of mentioning the stain to the Savers’ clerk at checkout saved me a whole dollar. lol.

604 pricetag

$5.99 for a 52″ x 62″ single-crocheted blanket, that’s a great price!

It was only after the stain did not come out that I realized I hadn’t checked which end of the blanket could be unraveled. . . the end opposite the one with the stain, it turns out. Argh.

I’m not one to give up easily. I figured out a simple, although seemingly drastic, way to get rid of the stain –  cut off that end of the blanket!

604 6 cutting

Now I need to figure out a way to secure the loose loops of green which I’ve just exposed. I can get matching solid green yarn by unraveling the section I’m about to remove. Next I imagine I’ll pick the remaining bits of white yarn out of the first two green loops, slip them on to my hook and work a sc, repeat and repeat, slowly working my way across the blanket’s width.

It sounds simple, in theory.

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10 Responses to Hoping to Salvage a Ripple

  1. Karen says:

    It looks like the stain may have been rust (which will not come out in the regular wash). Next time you might try using Rust-Out or a similar product (available in most supermarket laundry aisles). I have had very good luck in getting rust stains out of thrift shop finds with it!

    • You know, I might have some very old Rust-Out down in the basement! We used it on all our whites and lights back in the days before we had a water softener.

      I have no idea what the stain was. Couldn’t feel anything on/in the fabric so I figured it had probably already been put through the wash once and when whatever didn’t come out the poor blanket was banished to Savers. I was simply too lazy to play ‘scientist’ and experiment with different stain removal products, but not too lazy to cut and refinish it. Go Figure! lol.

      Thanks for the tip.

  2. Have you ever tried the product called “GOOP”? It’s a miracle worker! You can find it on Amazon. Then there’s BIZ which you can get at W-M where the spot removal items are and it’s a powder. Good luck with the repair.

    • No, I’ve never tried Goop. Went over to Amazon to check it out; they describe it as “an excellent stain remover for rugs, upholstery, and washable clothing.”, which sounds good, but “miracle worker” sounds even better! What kinds of things have you used it on?

      I don’t have any Biz on hand either, but I can remember my mom adding that to the wash.

  3. AnnB says:

    Thanks for the Goop reminder. My husband’s hands are so dry and his clothes get grimy grease and oil on them, so I ordered a container for his bathroom and one for the laundry. He used to use this and hasn’t purchased it in a long time.

  4. AnnB says:

    The blanket is lovely. Even with the trimming, it will still feel weighty, for someone who likes a bit more hug from his/her blanket. And you have yarn to unravel and try the Goop to clean that section of yarn. Do give us a blurb on the Goop results…please.

    • Yes, I know what you mean by “someone who likes a bit more hug”. My mom would have appreciated this blanket as she was never really ‘warm’ unless she could feel a coat or blanket’s significant weight. No fluffy down for her.

      Sorry, the discolored yarn scraps are long gone.

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