#47 – Neon?

The RHSS ‘Light Berry’ shows itself off very nicely by appearing to glow, an illusion I aided by surrounding it with the darkest purple and teal that I had in my stash.

605 BTH close-up – Yes, the stripes that, depending on your computer, may look like charcoal grey are actually a very deep teal yarn from one of the 50-cent bags I bought at last fall’s Historical Society tag sale. –

In contrast, I surrounded the pretty coordinating variegated with the lightest greys that I could find: Caron 100% premium acrylic ‘Silver’ and, in the center set of stripes, a greener shade – Sayelle ‘Grey’.


605 full view

If you casually came upon this photo of an IKEA bath sheet,

605 photo I doubt that you would guess it is what sparked the idea for this week’s ripple. Proof that you never know where the design process is going to lead you!

I like this color combination so much; I’m saving the clipping for future inspiration.

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2 Responses to #47 – Neon?

  1. Absolutely love this one! Luminescence is a perfect name.

    • Thanks!
      It’s an unusually “murky” group of colors, yet, some how, the ripple still turned out pretty.

      Weird how the word just popped into my head. – When was the last time you used the word “luminescence” in a sentence? lol.

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