Blanket Salvage – Part Two – Underway

Oh, how scary it was to cut my way across that pretty, but stained, green ripple! – wince – Here’s the stained green yarn and all the wee white tidbits that I threw away. “Good riddance stain!”

608 2 scraps

And here’s the yarn that DH salvaged from around the stain.

608 1 yarn ballsHe wound these scrap balls quite tightly in hopes of removing most of the yarn’s crinkle.

Next came the Fun part of figuring out how to “bind-off”, for lack of a more proper crochet term, the blanket’s new bottom edge.

608 3 cut edge

All I had to do is follow the convoluted route of the white yarn, picking out the bits as I went. It was apparent that I needed to work two loops – one yarnover and one regular – for each single crochet stitch in the blanket. Clear a set of loops of the tiny white yarn bits, load them onto my hook and do a yarnover.

608 4 1st st ready

Then pull the yarnover through both loops.

608 5 1st set donePick, pick, load, load, yarnover, pull through. Tedious, but not difficult.

Oh, this is looking very good!

608 6 first run done

But. . . when I tugged on the freshly finished edge, I discovered that it’s not nearly as stretchy as the other end of the blanket. My stitches are way too tight.

608 7 too tight

Usually I’d just switch to a larger hook, but that would make it even more difficult to get into the little twisted loops of the old stitches. Instead, I create ease by bringing my hook up a little higher than usual as I pull through the yarnover. This makes each new stitch a little looser.

See how stretchy-stretchy the edge is now?!

608 8 looser

– Ah hm. No Way am I going to try to unravel and redo the few stitches that I did too tightly; so that little corner of the blanket won’t stretch. Oh. Well. shrug –

I add even more ease, making very loose stitches as I go over the peaks, but add almost no ease in the valleys.

Woo-Hoo! Three down, and eight valleys to go. Slow and steady will win this race.

608 10 on-a-roll

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