Ripple #49

Number Forty-Nine, that means we’re close to the end of another year’s worth of weekly ripples and the fourth year of this blog. Wow. It’s like that old saying – time flies when you’re having fun! lol.

I stirred the stash a little and came up with a couple of old goodies for this week’s ripple. Do you recognize the name KolorKraft? It was once marketed by Caldor. Well, that’s the brand name of the brown, ‘Chocolate’, a deliciously dark chocolate. While the dark purple is simply called color #8996. It’s Bernat Berella 4, the other oldie. Here are two brand names that you’re probably more familiar with: Red Heart Super Saver, in ‘Country Rose’, and plain Red Heart, in ‘Young Pink’. I also used some anonymous cream and a little bit of peach.

609 BRR close-up

This color combination is very similar to that of July’s ‘Fiesta Berry’, #30,

572 FSTA-full-view

but without a variegated.

Rose Potpourri

609 BRR full view

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