#15 thru 23 – Playing with Peach and Green

This batch of washcloths began with some donated Sugar ‘n Cream ‘Light Green’  and two hand-rolled balls of a very pretty peach/green/cream variegated.

610 pch:grn1

I’d already turned the missing ball into three pretty washcloths.

The first two came out looking very similar.

610 pch:grn2

So I was quite surprised when the third one came out as an argyle! cool.

610 pch:grn3

Next I thought it would be fun to knit some striped washcloths. The first two begin and end with two-row stripes of the variegated.

610 pch:grn4

The third begins and ends with solid green; interesting the difference that one small change makes. – Oh, Look – another argyle! –

610 pch:grn5

Then I made a scrappy one, to use up the rest of the green. . .

610 pch:grn6

for a total of seven.

610 pch:grn7

But I still had a bit of variegated left, so I combined it with a small ball of pale yellow and made two more.

610 pch:grn8

Only three balls of cotton left from that purple bag of donated yarn.

610 pch:grn9

I think I’ll play around with the Sugar ‘n Cream Twist next. It’s got two plies of white with one ply each of country blue and mint green. Very subtle.

0-CTN blueT balls

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2 Responses to #15 thru 23 – Playing with Peach and Green

  1. Beth says:

    How many stitches do you cast on?
    Love the colors.

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