#50 – Thanks to a Striped Towel

I really liked the colors in this striped towel, another that I clipped from the old L.L. Bean catalog.

611 TWL ylo+grn

But once I started playing around with actual skeins of yarn, I made a few changes, substituting a dark teal for the pale blue and switching to much darker shades of greens.

611 close-up

Having just finished this two-row stripe, I went to return the ball of cream yarn to my workbasket,

611 clipped

only to find a wad of yellowed newspaper bound by its last few yards.

611 the last of this crm

Wow, it says 1973.

611 TWL 1973!

Just think, that particular scrap ball has waited around for over Forty Years! Do you think it had given up any hope of being put to use? I bet it’s greatly relieved to finally have become part of a blanket, happy that it will soon help comfort a new foster child.

It seems fitting to reuse the name L.L. Bean picked for that striped towel. . .

Natural Multi Stripe

611 full view

This ripple sure doesn’t look scrappy, yet it used up all of these scrap balls and partial skeins:

  • 7 ounces of assorted cream scraps
  • 4 ounces RHSS ‘Country Blue’
  • 3 ounces from three scrap balls and one partial skein of RHSS ‘Buff’
  • 2+ oz. of assorted brown scraps
  • 2 oz. Natura Wintuk ‘Dark Sage’
  • 2 oz. of an unknown even darker shade of green
  • 1 1/2 oz. of KMart Sayelle ”Brittany Blue’
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9 Responses to #50 – Thanks to a Striped Towel

  1. Karen says:

    Beautiful! Very clever how you used all those scraps together!

  2. Oh, my goodness! 1973?! That is so amazing! I just love to see what you do with other people’s cast offs and left overs. This blanket is stunning. I really like your creative license here with changing up the colors a little. It was a good basis, but you took it that much farther. Way to go, Linda!

    • Creating blankets for the kids is always satisfying, but there’s an extra thrill in making one from “garbage” yarn, especially when it’s 40 years-old. lol.

      “stunning”. . . well, thank you, Karen. I wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction to a blanket of such subdued colors, although, now that I look at it with fresh eyes, I guess I did add quite a bit zip with those single row stripes.

      “creative license” – it’s a very good thing. 🙂

  3. AnnB says:

    Once again your version is the richer one. The buff or cream gives it a bit of a glow, almost like sun kissed. I’d want to lay this out and look at it often.

    • “sun-kissed” – how lovely that sounds! I should try to add this effect to more blankets; we can all use a little more sun during New England’s long winter.

      “I’d want to lay this out and look at it often.” – Yet another reason to keep a photo record of all we make.

      • AnnB says:

        Thank you for that reminder. I do need to lay out the many items I’ve made, photograph them and put in a project album for reference or just my enjoyment.

  4. Bettina says:

    Really lovely, Linda!

  5. 1973? That’s the year I graduated from college! Maybe there’s hope for me yet to discover what I want to be when I grow up.

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