#51 – A Little Ripple

Thank goodness for having some Hot Pink yarn in my stash.

613 PK! close-up

Just four single-row stripes of Hot Pink make an incredible difference in how this blanket looks. Can you imagine how bland it would be without them!?


613 full view

This one ended up as a little baby blanket, about 35″ x 45″.

I ran a few rows short with the unusual shade of green, an unknown yarn that I bought at the Willimantic Salvation Army thrift store at 50 cents each for two large hand-rolled balls. Unfortunately, although I noticed that it’s slighter thicker than my usual RHSS, I still overestimated how many rows I could get out of it. sigh.

If only I’d been paying closer attention. I could have stopped at the end of the first ball and counted how many rows the ripple had at that point. Then, if I’d subtracted that number, let’s say 38, from my usual-sized midpoint of 42 rows, I’d have known that I was going to run eight rows short (42 – 38 = 4 rows x 2 blanket halves = 8 rows short). Crocheting a little 8 row green-free section before I started in on the second green ball would have made up the difference. Of course, that would have used a little more of every other color, making it likely that I would have run out of one of those!

Ah, well. . . better that this happened with a baby-appropriate blanket like Pink! than with Luminescent or A Dark and Stormy Night. lol

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