Christmas Washcloths

Even though these washcloths won’t make it to Haiti until long after Christmas, this feels like the right time of year to knit with festive yarns, like the Caron Cotton Tales

433 cottonsthat I found at a tag sale last year.

Don’t worry – its’ sparkly gold filament is really quite soft; I’m not knitting any ‘Brillo Pads’ here, folks! lol.

Washcloths for Haiti #24 – 26

614 3 Christmas washcloths

Far less colorful, I also made two plain white ones.

614 csms 2 whiteThese wouldn’t be practical for a Haitian family whose only laundry facility may be a bucket but, with a couple pretty bars of ‘WinterMint’ soap that are impressed with the image of a Christmas tree, my plain white washcloths worked very nicely as a little thank you for my hairdresser, Charmaine.

614 Christmas gift

Fingering the fabric, she said, “You made these?!? They’re Too Pretty to Use.” – a phrase that every handcrafter hates to hear.

I encouraged her to go ahead and use them, that I’d make more. – lots of white yarn left from the huge 14 oz. skein I got on clearance at JoAnns – And that if they proved too rough for washcloths, she was welcome to use them as dishcloths instead. But she wants to set the entire gift package on her bathroom counter. ” O.K., I can see that, but once the holidays are over?”

“No. I told you. . . They’re Too Pretty to Use!” and with that, she gave me a BIG Hug. – shrug – Ahhhh, whatchyagonna do? Guess there’s more than one way to enjoy handknit washcloths.

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6 Responses to Christmas Washcloths

  1. Bettina says:

    everyone enjoys a thank you hug!!

  2. Bobbie says:

    I found a good use for those too pretty to use! LOL! Put them between the pots & pans (or the good dishes) to keep them from scratching and prevent damaging. Looks pretty and works! Plus I’m reminded of all the cloths made and received.

  3. AnnB says:

    At least they will be enjoyed as art, rather than hidden in a drawer or in a box in a closet/basement/attic until someone mistakenly uses one. Hopefully, they will extol it’s qualities and the remainder will get to be useful.
    I’ve been practicing knitting with this pattern (double bump) washcloth and image washcloths. Have yet to finish off the tails and then be washed to use.
    I got brave and knitted the double bump pattern into a scarf that became a cowl as I had only one skein Lion Brand Amazing yarn from a thrift store find, no band. I used a 10.5 needle and cast on 49 and it is as cuddly feeling as the washcloths. If I had cast on fewer, it might have been a scarf, but a cowl doesn’t come loose, so it’s all good.

    • Handknit washcloths as “art” – I love it! lol.

      I can just imagine how smooshy your Amazing double bump cowl is! Makes me think about the lone skein of Red Heart Boutique Treasure that I picked up on clearance – another acrylic/wool blend with about the same yardage as Amazing. hmmmm.

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