What Star is This? *

Why, it’s a Ninja star!

615 1 a Ninja star

Not the type, or color, of stars that we usually think about making for Christmas, for sure. lol.

615 2 stars in progress

Crochet two stars, sew them, one on top of the other, and you’ve got throwable, yet harmless, Ninja stars.

I also sewed a few eyemasks from bright pieces of felt

615 3 masks - felt

and scraps of fleece.

615 finished mask

All parts of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle play set, which also includes a softly stuffed crocheted nunchuck!

615 TMNT playset

Please notice the wonderful package labeling that DH designed, the perfect finishing touch for our gift!

He’s also a fantastic TMNT eyemask model!

615 4model - mask frontProbably cuz he’s still a child at heart.

615 5model - mask back


We easily decided to focus on four-year-old Jayden’s wish for anything Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle as our part in this year’s Adopt-A-Family Project at DH’s workplace. It was nowhere near that easy to decide what items to make; there are so many excellent patterns to be found ’round the web!

Following are links to each pattern that I used, all of them free, with notes about the little changes I made.

Crocheted Shuriken– (Ninja Star) from NyanPon.com –

I wanted my stars to have a hole in the center, just like a “real” Ninja Star. . . So I began with: Chain 8, join w/slip stitch to form ring, work 8 sc into ring while working over the yarn tail.

I returned to the pattern at Round Two.

When it comes time to attach the first point, (“Skip 5 sts, and sc into the 6th stitch”) you might instead want to try skipping 4 chains and scs in the 5th and 6th stitches. I think this made my stars flatter.

Instead of joining my stars back-to-back with sc, I left a yard-long yarn tail, which I used to whip-stitched two stars together. I think this makes the points more pointy, instead of kind-of rounded.

Crocheted Nanchaku (nunchuck) – from Don’t Eat the Paste

For the nunchuck, I prefer the simple shape of this pattern to the one that comes with the stars. Since it’s going to be used by a little kid, I made my handles shorter, about eight inches, with a 3 1/2″ “chain” between.

Super Hero Mask Template – from Serving Pink Lemonaide, where I also found the pattern for the Super-Hero Capes of two years ago.

Instead of interfacing, I used two layers of felt for my masks. And I attached 1 1/2″ x 14 1/2″ fleece ties instead of elastic. It was easy to sandwich the ends between the mask’s two layers of felt. Fleece will curl if stretched, so I did three lines of stay-stitching down the length of the ties. Oh, I also elongated the shape of the eyeholes a little, to make them look more like the openings in the Turtles’ headwraps.

* Following are links to three renditions of the old Christmas carole, “What Star is This”: presented first by a handbell choir, (3 min.) then by a ‘regular’ choir, (3 min.) accompanied by piano, flute, drum and triangle. Mustn’t forget the triangle! Ting! Ting! – Please be patient, it takes them a few seconds – lots of sheet music rustling – for them to start singing. lol – Or, you can go here (2 min.) to sing-along ‘karaoke-style’ with a pipe organ – what fun!

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4 Responses to What Star is This? *

  1. I was wondering if you’d be doing something nifty this year for your husband’s work thing. Jayden is going to be overjoyed with his TMNT Gift! Thank you for sharing your pattern links and process.

    • I would have loved to have made a TMNT blanket for Jayden – something like this – but, considering that there’s no pattern!, there wasn’t enough time left for that. . . It wasn’t until DH passed on my invitation to his department’s Christmas lunch that I thought to ask if they were participating in a community project this year. He’d received the family’s wishlists weeks before!!, but forgot to tell me. – argh. – Next year I must remember to ask earlier, like in mid-November!

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