Fun with Beads

I don’t know how long Perler beads have been around, but I’d never heard of them until I read this Attic24 blog post a few weeks ago. – If you’re like me, and know nothing about Perler/Hama beads, you may find this beginner’s guide helpful. – Highly intrigued, I clicked from Lucy’s post over to her ‘Hama Bead Dreams’ pinterest board, where I saw Snowflakes! A subsequent Google search gave me ideas of many other things to make with Perler beads, and more snowflake designs.

A few days later I went to JoAnns – with 50% off coupons, of course – hoping to find a Perler snowflake kit, like the ones I’d seen on-line. – Recommended for children Ages 5 and up. Good to know that, at 58, DH and I will be safe while playing with these beads. – No luck with finding a snowflake kit, so I got a Spring Flower one, instead,

620 1 flower bead kit

the best way to get my hands on a 3″ hexagon pegboard. ($1.50 w/coupon)

620 2 bead kit - open

Since I planned to make only snowflakes, that, and a couple of bags of white beads were all I needed. Plus an iron, which we do own, although we use it far more often for craft projects than for ironing clothes.

First I loosely copied a few of the large flake designs I had found on-line,

620 flakes 1 few large

but soon took off on my own, making smaller ones.

620 flakes - a few more

I played with my beads, off and on, over a few days. – In case you’re wondering, I didn’t notice any smell of melted plastic. –

It was fun to develop series of snowflakes, similar in design, but of several sizes.

620 flakes 4 series twoDH got in the act too. Although the thought of placing these teeny beads on tiny pegs made his hands twitch, he did enjoy playing the role of bead placement director. . . “No, no, not there, there!” lol.

Eventually, I used up every white bead, the two bags of 1,000 each and the few that were in the Spring Flower kit. – I take that back; later I found 3 lonesome beads on the kitchen floor. –

In all, I made about forty snowflakes, from one to three inches. – Some of them resemble paper quilled snowflakes, I think –

620 flakes 5 all

They may be made of cheap plastic beads, ($1.50 per 1000 w/coupon) but I love my Perler snowflakes!

DH is off to the woods to cut just the right branch for me to hang them all on.

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8 Responses to Fun with Beads

  1. My mom bought some years ago and my nieces and I played with them for hours. Then I managed to accumulate a whole bagful of beads and boards. Now I’m going to have to get them back out and try some of the grown up designs. Btw, I never knew that you were supposed to iron both sides. That wasn’t in the directions in the kits I had.

    • Hi Hazel! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I love ’em!

      I’m rather jealous of your assortment of beads and boards. What fun we could have! Let’s plan a playdate. . . I’ll bring snacks! lol.

      Seriously, I’d love to see your results. If you’d like, send me some photos.

      re: ironing both sides – probably suggested by a customer and added later -or- maybe the directions vary by brand? I don’t think it’s really necessary, but it does make front and back look the same and would help strengthen large pieces.

  2. Sharon says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Linda!! Thanks for your inspiring blog and looking forward to seeing what you are up to in 2015.

  3. Helene says:

    Hama-Pearls were the favourite toy for my Kids, although with different artistic claims for each of them…;)
    Happy New Year, Linda! I Love your humorous and warmhearted Blog-posts, and your intelligent maths regarding wool amount for blankets….
    Take care

    • That’s what makes these simple little beads so wonderful; each person, from Kid to Adult, can follow their own creative whim.

      Thank You!
      So happy to hear that you enjoy my “maths”. (not everyone does) Hope you find them useful.

  4. How fun! I can’t wait to see them drifting down from their branch. Happy New Year to you both!

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