#2 of 2015 – So Simple. . .

That was my first thought on seeing these photos of annypurl’s broadly striped “Buddy Bags”. Why, only a solid-colored blanket would be simpler than one inspired by this pattern!

For my usual size ripple I needed at least 12 ounces each in two tints of the same color, excluding anything real dark, like navy, brown or forest. Once I chose my favorite pair among the half dozen or so sets of appropriately colored yarns that I was sure to find in my acrylic stash, I’d be ready to start on my first Buddy-inspired Ripple.

Surprisingly, all I could come up with was ONE Mid-Range Combo and I fudged even that by using three yarns, instead of two: RHSS ‘Light Raspberry’, RHSS ‘Petal Pink’, and an unknown slightly peachier light pink.

622 smply close-up

No surprises to be revealed by a full view photo, only more Pretty Pink three-row wide Stripes.

Simply Pink

622 smply - full view

A special thank you to the yarn fairies, Ann of Oklahoma and Sandi of Maryland, who sent me some ‘Light Raspberry’ and ‘Petal Pink’ last August. Ladies, you made this ripple possible!

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2 Responses to #2 of 2015 – So Simple. . .

  1. Betty Lou says:

    What a pleasing color combination——-and I am not even a pink person. Will have to try this color combo for a Prayer Shawl.

  2. You’re right on target with this one. Simply Pink is the perfect example of a simple design that gives a big impact. I love those knit bags, too. Super cute!

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