#4 – More One Pound

I combined a full skein of One Pound ‘Rose’ with the ‘Taupe’ remaining from last week’s ‘Asymmetry’ and then added some cream and an anonymous variegated to make. . .


624 ROSY vert

The cream is Magic Match III BULKY, a long-discontinued Olefin/Acrylic blend,

624 ROSY bulky

which happens to be just about the same thickness as the Caron One Pound colors. All of these yarns are slightly thicker than my usual RHSS so I moved to a slightly larger size I hook (5.5mm). This created a slightly wider blanket, 37″ rather than my usual 35″.

To compensate for the thinner variegated,

624 ROSY vrgtd

I did those rows in Half Double Crochets, instead of ‘regular’ Doubles, so they feel more like the One Pound rows.

624 ROSY close-upNotes to Self:

With a size I hook a skein of One Pound yields 44 rows, while a skein of BULKY makes 9 rows x 4 remaining skeins = 36 more rows available.

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8 Responses to #4 – More One Pound

  1. BettyLou says:

    Very nice, great color combo.

  2. Helene says:

    What a beauty! It reminds me of a bouquet of lilacs!

  3. deebriese says:

    Very nice! Do you weave ends as you go?

    • Thank you! – I like it too. 🙂

      The short answer is. . . No, I don’t.

      The loooong answer – lol – is. . .
      When I switch colors at the end of a ripple row, I leave extra long ends, knot them* together between the first and second stitch of the new row and then crochet over them until I reach the first ‘peak’.

      All ends of a slippery yarn, like ‘Simply Soft, and any ends left from cutting out a knot or starting a new ball get woven in once the blanket’s done.

      * I know that some people think knots are sacrilegious, but they are a compromise I choose to make. I couldn’t stand to weave in a zillion ends on every ripple I make – 51 last year alone! – and yarn tips will pop up no matter what method I use, but at least I know these knots will hold everything together. . . My sister experimented by machine washing and drying a few of the baby ripples she did this way and they all came out looking great!

  4. AnnB says:

    The variegated looks like it might be RHSS pink camo. And I agree, it’s a beauty. I really like the matching ends.

    Then again, Bernat and Michaels have pink camo’s, too.

    • The variegated is a little thinner than I’m used to for RHSS, but the brown in it really matches RHSS ‘Cafe Latte’.

      I like the matching ends too! although I must admit they came about accidentally.
      I started off thinking I’d use just the three solid colors, but after crocheting the first Bold Band of cream I realized that I wanted something more subtle. Tiny stripes of variegated to the rescue! Repeating the plain band of cream on the other end makes it appear an intentional ‘design feature’. Ha Ha

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