Blizzard ‘Colbie’

The Governor issued a state-wide travel ban at 9 last night, a sure sign of trouble ahead.

Here’s the view from our front porch at noon today. . .

625 BLZ Blizzardheavy snowfall with a sustained wind of 15 miles an hour, gusting to 40 – perfect for a Cozy Day of Crochet.

– tsk – Wish I’d thought to snap some pics at 7 o’clock this morning. We had near white-out conditions then!

How the birdhouses on our garage normally look. . .

625 BLZ-bh-garage-How they look now (shot through our bathroom window). . .

625 BLZ-at-noon14″ so far, enough for DH to really appreciate his new snow blower.

625 BLZ-14"-so-farSupposedly, more is on its way.

625 BLZ-moreI think we’ve dodged a Big One; just half an hour northeast of us they have 25″!!

The weather forecast says the temperature will drop to 5° F tonight. It’s likely that the power will stay on as high winds aren’t nearly as bad as heavy wet snow and what we’ve gotten so far is fluffy dry powder.

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10 Responses to Blizzard ‘Colbie’

  1. `denise says:

    Oh sooooo lucky! Living in Florida for 30 years never a snow day…Never a day off…UGG Looks pretty!

  2. AnnB says:

    My husband watches the news and I overhead the travel ban issued last night for your area. Out here in eastern Washington overnight temperature this week is low 40s and daytime nearly 60. Last week a few days were in the mid to low thirties during the day. I hope your power stays on, too. If not, I hope you have a backup generator for electricity and water. All the best.

  3. BettyLou says:

    I remember those days, we were stationed in Minot, North Dakota for three years. A very good day to crochet.

  4. Bettina says:

    brrrrrrrr … perfect conditions to be tucked up inside with a lap full of crochet 🙂

  5. So good to hear from you! Have been wondering how you were faring. Glad to know you’re managing. And keep on crocheting!

  6. I hope your night went okay, and you dIdn’t lose power. Stay safe!

  7. Helene says:

    Here, at our small alpine country, there is also a bunch of Snow expected in the next two days. In some ways I love this wintery atmosphere of quietness, the different light and brightness outside – and the crunchy sound walking through fresh fallen snow… Stay Safe! Hugz

    • You have painted a beautiful picture with your words, Helene. Thanks for taking us along on your walk.

      I especially enjoy snow in moonlight. The trees cast such dramatic shadows!
      If I happen to wake up during the night, I can’t resist walking through the house to check the view from several windows before I head back to bed.

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