Storm Update

Thank you, Dear Readers, for your concern about our welfare during this storm. We did stay safe and warm AND our lights did not flicker once. YAAAY!!

After I took yesterday’s photos, Colbie gave us another six inches of snow, which brought our total to twenty. DH needed to do one last round with the snow blower.

The quiet of the travel ban made me especially conscious of the high winds, so I was concerned about wind chill and frost bite, but DH said he didn’t feel all that cold, thanks to the many warm woolies he was wearing. That made me feel great! It’s wonderful to know that the hats, cowls, mittens, balaclava, long johns, scarves, boot liners, neckwarmers, etc., etc. that I’ve made for him over the years keep him as comfortable as possible. I’m happy that, at last, he has so many pieces he can put on a dry set each time he goes out.

During the afternoon/evening the wind weakened to 15 mph with gusts as high as 25. It’s still blowing at that rate today, but is expected to drop to 3 – 7 mph tonight.

FYI – Peak wind gusts in Nantucket, MA reached 78 mph yesterday, the same as on top of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.

Afterthought – Twenty inches of snow sounds like a Major Snow Storm, but perspective is everything. I checked, once again, and found out that our neighbors just a few miles to the north got thirty-two. DH and I suddenly felt blessed!

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