#5 – The Third and Last

For my last Caron One Pound ripple, I combined the second skein of ‘Espresso’ and the ‘Cape Cod Blue’ left from ‘Asymmetry’ with a highly textured yarn from ancient stash. I vaguely remember getting it as a mill end at JoAnns.

627 yarnI love the way it looks with the two solids!

627 CUD closeTogether they made an extra cuddly blanket, perfect for the extra cold weather we’ve had lately.


627 CUD full viewI don’t mind an overnight low of 15ºF, but that’s the forecast for today’s high!


Grocery shopping and haircut can wait for a milder day. I prefer to spend the rest of afternoon crocheting in the sun, assuming that Emily will share her sunbeam.

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2 Responses to #5 – The Third and Last

  1. Bettina says:

    good luck sharing that sunbeam 😉

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