#7 – Lemons

What can you do with eighteen ounces of lemony yellow scraps?

629 LMN-scrapsAdd a few lemony yellow partial skeins

629 LMN-+prtlsknsand a little sugary white. Mix thoroughly and enjoy!

Fresh Lemonade

629 LMN-full-ishAccent: double-row stripes of orange-yellow about twelve rows in from each end

Overall Striping Pattern: Two or three single-row yellow stripes for every double-row yellow stripe and about every eighth row is white.

629 LMN-close

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4 Responses to #7 – Lemons

  1. Karen says:

    It reminds me of a bouquet of daffodils! (Which is nice to dream of with two feet of snow on the ground!)

  2. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Such a sunny, happy ripple. One of my favorites!

  3. A splash of Fresh Lemonade is just the thing to remind us that warmer days will come again!

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