Staying In

Friday, 10 a.m. and the temperature had only risen to 0° F!

630 0 degrees

A very good reason to stay home.

A second good reason, I was expecting a FedEx delivery – After spending a recent snow day sorting her stash, one of my dear blog readers, Karen of MA, generously offered to share some of her extras!

630 1-box on porch

0° weather is hardly suitable for the extended photo shoot I was expecting from such a large box, so I quickly moved indoors and dumped everything out on the bed. Oooo – So many delicious colors!

630 2 yarn spill

Immediately I wondered – what’s in that bag?. . . Why, zillions of cute little scrap balls.

630 3b peek-in-bag

About a pound and a half of them! Into my scrap box they’ll go, for future granny afghans.

630 5 little scrapballs

For some reason a large handrolled ball of light orange has Emily’s undivided attention,

630 3a Emily

while the one huge skein of Caron One Pound ‘Taupe’ has grabbed mine.

630 4a Caron one-pound

– Wow, Karen got a Great Deal on it! –

630 4b pricetag

Next I gathered up all the rainbow variegated, RHSS ‘Mexicana’, so I could weigh it.

630 6 rainbow

Two pounds! . . .this could be the beginning of a new ripple series.

And there’s a wonderful variety of other variegated yarns.

630 7 other vrgtds

Knowing that I’ll make at least one ripple with each, these skeins and balls represent many blankets for foster kids!

Next, let’s check out the beautiful array of solids:

reds – from orange-red to burgundy,

630 8 redspastels,

630 9 pastels


630 10 neutrals

and beautifully luminous greens.

630 11 greens

There are also a few Misc. Treasures: royal blue and red mohair, black embroidery floss, and four cute little skeins of fingering weight yarn; the red ones are nylon, often used to reinforce handknit socks, and the other two are wool.

630 12 misc

Altogether, about twelve pounds of ‘new’ yarns for my charity stash. . .

630 13 twelve-pounds

an instantaneous cure for cabin fever. Thank You!, to my newest yarn fairy, Karen.

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2 Responses to Staying In

  1. Sharon says:

    WOW!!! I love that others are “yarn fairies” for you as you turn around and give others the
    finished product. Think I’ve mentioned to you before that I too crochet for charities. I belong to
    a group that actually has 2 rooms in their church designated for this purpose. They take donations of $ or yarn or fabric plus they’re in the church budget, not for much but every little bit helps. I do from 6-8 wheelchair throws/afghans a month and it gets very expensive without help.

    So I say thank you to all those who help you.

    • Hi Sharon (the Florida One) ~

      I’m glad that you’ve found such a dedicated charity group to work with. I bet they’re impressed by the number of throws/afghans that you turn out. – Your hook must be smokin’! lol

      Yes, yarn fairies are very helpful. 🙂
      I haven’t had to make an emergency yarn run in a long time.

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