#9 – Indecision

I had a hard time deciding on a striping design for this week’s ripple. As you can see by my scribbled notes, what’s usually a quick rather intuitive process for me just went on. . . and on!

632 IND-charts

Sigh. All I wanted to do was show off an I Love This Yarn! variegated called ‘Retro Modern Ombre’, which Chrissy of TX sent me. IMHO, few variegated yarns look as good when used in multiple rows as in single rows, but this particular one looks lovely both ways!

632 IND close-up

I’m so glad that I persevered; I’m very happy with my final plan’s results.

Retro Modern Ombre

632 IND full view

You’ve probably heard of “snow angels”.  Maybe you’ve even made some. But have you ever seen a “snow ripple” before?  lol

632 IND snow ripple The rest of the yarns: one full skein of RHSS ‘Cafe Latte’ from Lisa of TN, ‘Federal Blue’ Sayelle and a second very similar-looking blue, which I think is RHSS ‘Country Blue’, plus a little ecru.

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5 Responses to #9 – Indecision

  1. BettyLou says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful. You do have a way with color.

  2. A snow ripple! How fun!

    Lots of pats on the back for you. RMO is another beauty! I agree with you on that single row of variegated. It looks so good! You did a great job showcasing it!

  3. AnnB says:

    I agree on the variegated. Two rows is my limit….so it retains its beading effect in a ripple afghan (rectangle or round). Beyond that, unless the project is not too wide and it will create a pattern, using only a variegated yarn looks messy to me.

    And who else has done ripples in the snow? Looks like a first to me. Ha!

  4. I really like this one.

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