Ripple #10 of 2015

Mixing single and double-row variegated stripes again.

Although this ripple only has eleven variegated stripes, they are made up of seventeen variegated rows, enough to use up two partial skeins of very similar pink/blue/white yarns, part of this anonymous donation that I received last summer.

575 pileI alternated two rows of the lighter version with a single row of the darker.

634 BBY close-upWhat do you think? A little too busy? Is it going to keep baby awake?

Sleep, Baby, Sleep

634 BBY full viewClimbing up and down a step-ladder with camera in hand can result in silly shots from odd perspectives. . .

634 BBY oops!Other YARNS: ‘Sky Blue’, which is a Caron Premium Acrylic that came from Ann of OK (have about 5 oz. left), Caron Sayelle ‘Baby Pink’, an unknown second pink, some white, and a lighter blue.

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7 Responses to Ripple #10 of 2015

  1. BettyLou says:

    You always amaze me at how you work the odd lots of yarn into a beautiful pattern. Very nice.

    • Working with pieces and bits makes crocheting blankets extra interesting.
      Once I’ve weighed the yarns, done the math and written out a design chart I can’t wait to get started! What’s it going to look like?!?!

  2. OH MY!!! This is AMAZING!

  3. Sharon says:

    BEAUTIFUL, and no, I don’t think it’ll be too bright or busy for a baby. I love it.

  4. So sweet! I really enjoy seeing where you pull the yarn from for each ripple.

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