Ripple #11, From a Kit

Maybe you remember this “Ripple Kit” that I assembled when the box of yarn from Sandi of MD arrived last fall.

581 4 ripple kit

I played around, arranging and rearranging the skeins, trying to decide in what order to put the colors. Eventually I decided to omit everything but the variegated and green. This was fortunate because as I was about to put the rejected colors away I discovered that the royal blue is WOOL, not acrylic. Happy that I’d found this out before I’d crocheted it into a ripple, – phew! – I quickly enclosed it in a moth-proof Ziploc -justincase- and moved it over to my wooly charity stash.

Back to designing I added a second, darker shade of green – RHSS ‘Hunter Green’ – and some black.

636 TTT close-up

The very pretty variegated is RHSS ‘Kaleidoscope’.

Time to Take Down Those Christmas Lights, Don’t You Think?

636 TTT full view

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2 Responses to Ripple #11, From a Kit

  1. Jana says:

    I love the effect of the variegated! It does look like Christmas lights.

    Yesterday I pulled RHSS Mexicana and Paddy Green to make my first kid size afghan for my nephew following your sizing and general pattern. I usually make afghans much bigger (adult size), but the kids get swallowed in them. Once his is done, I have to make one for each of his sisters, then I will be making a couple for our local Foster Closet. Thank you for continuing your quest and for inspiring others.

    • Ooh, the colors in Mexicana are bolder than in Kaleidoscope; I bet your afghan is very cheerful looking. Doing a kid sized one is fun, isn’t it? Before you know it, you’re done and preparing to start your next.

      Share photos, if you’d like; we’d love to see your little blankets. 🙂

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