Ugly Bananas

DH loves the taste of sweet fully ripened banana in his oatmeal.

Usually they’re too green for either of us to eat right when we buy them.

637 BNA 4 lovely

After a few days they’re just right for me, but still not ripe enough for DH.

637 BNA one

Eventually they start to ‘Go Ugly’, or ‘Reach Their Peak of Ripeness’, depending on which of us is doing the describing. lol

Unfortunately, bananas don’t stay at that stage for long. Even during the winter DH only has a couple of days to enjoy them! Sometimes I mash the extras and freeze them in little tiny packets.

A far better solution is to buy lots of very ripe bananas whenever we see them marked down – often to just 29¢/lb. –

637 BNA 5 lbsand dehydrate them.

637 BNA loaded

Four pounds of fresh ripe bananas, one dehydrator load, soon becomes

637 BNA dried

12 ounces of dried ripe banana slices with no additives – no sugar, no sulphur, no oil –

637 BNA scale

at a cost of only $1.16 (4 lbs. fresh x 29¢/lb.).

They’re not only Tasty! but Thrifty!. . .

especially when compared to three 4.4 oz. bags (13.2 oz. total) of Trader Joe’s Nothing But Bananas purchased on-line for $11.75, which comes to $10.68 for 12 oz. The one reviewer on Amazon says that’s double what they go for at a Trader Joe’s store. O.K., I don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby so I’ll take their word for it and say $5.34 for 12 oz., which is still almost five times the cost of ours. Yee-ha!

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2 Responses to Ugly Bananas

  1. AnnB says:

    Starting when our sons were little (mid-80s), I used to buy a banana box of bananas at their lowest price when ‘just right or ugly’ and freeze them in discs. Then chunk them out…some easier than others….for making what we called ‘fruit freeze’ in the blender. Milk, bananas, vanilla flavor…sometimes other fruits mixed in for a different flavor or their own flavor. We enjoyed it often. I need to get enough bananas to blend some up for grandsons. Their daddy still likes it, too.

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