Crunchy Blueberries

This summer I experimented with dehydrating blueberries. I had read that, because they have a natural “waxy” coating, blueberries need to be cut in half before drying, so I picked out the biggest from the day’s picking and carefully cut each one in half. Can you say “Tedious!”?

Although the resulting crunchy/chewy berries don’t taste awful,

638 BLB

they don’t exactly scream BLUEBERRY either. In a blind taste test I think few people would guess they were blueberries. Very disappointing, as I had hoped that, after drying, the subtle flavor would be more concentrated, not unidentifiable!

And, I hadn’t realized that the berries’ trillions of tiny hard seeds would become so obvious. ugh.

Oh well. Not every experiment can be a grand success.

And, this experience makes me far more appreciative of just how easy blueberries are to freeze!

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One Response to Crunchy Blueberries

  1. AnnB says:

    Frozen blueberries with a bit of sweetened cream. Delicious.

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