#14 – A Debut

It’s fun to design a ripple in a way that will show off a particular yarn, like the lovely lilac chenille that DH just finished unraveling from this large sweater I found at Savers.

635 XXXL chenilleNot only is this yarn lovely to look at, it’s also lovely to work with, gliding over my hook and adding a nice drape to the resulting fabric!

642 CC-in prog

Since I have one-and-a-half pounds of it, I decided that I could be generous and alternate single-rows of the lilac with double-rows of my other four colors, which are RHSS ‘Light Raspberry’, Caldor Sayelle ‘Baby Yellow’, an unknown lavender, and Caron Dazzleaire ‘Tiger Lily’ (the orange).

642 CC - close -upWhat a yummy mix!

Cotton Candy

642 CC-full

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One Response to #14 – A Debut

  1. Bettina says:

    LOVE it!!!! 🙂

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