A Party of Six

Five ladies came to the first Crochet Corner meeting; three knit and two crochet.

644 yarnball

The three knitters all got started on dishcloths; two are making Double Bumps, my personal favorite, while the third opted for a simple garter stitch square.

I left a few balls of cotton yarn behind in the Rec. Room because, although you can’t tell H’s impressive progress from this snapshot – lol –

644 Knit-blue

she got so many rows done I thought she might want to start another dishcloth before our next meeting. And this in spite of her having started over a couple of times and helped D with her cast on!

644 knit-purple

Notice those mismatched knitting needles? – one white plastic, one green aluminum. Amazing, really, considering the pile of ten-inch ones we have to pick from,

644 10'-needles

but that was the best I could do for a second set of #7s. Luckily, the last knitter to arrive happens to knit tightly and wanted #8s. – Seeing there are at least as many fourteen-inch needles unsorted in the vase, (upper left in photo) I can’t help but hope there are several sets of #7s. I wonder how difficult it would be for DH to shorten some of them? That’s probably easy compared to trying to reattach the endcaps. lol –

I came prepared with size P hook and Super Bulky yarn for the crocheter who is recovering from a stroke. It was very satisfying to help this woman begin to regain her ability to crochet; her every stitch felt like a triumph! I look forward to cheering her on as she progresses.

The second crocheter only wanted to make baby booties so, for this meeting at least, there was no use for all those easy-peasy crochet projects that I had worked so hard to prepare. lol.

I quickly found a bootie pattern on-line using my laptop and printed it by hand in a LARGE font.  – Love that the Rec. Room has Wi-Fi, but must find out where there’s printer. –

644 cro booties

Unfortunately, in a rush I didn’t proofread carefully enough. – groan – One particular line of instruction about 3/4s of the way into the pattern stumped all six of us. I did, eventually, come up with a way to fudge the number of stitches, but then, suddenly it seemed, it was time for dinner. Hard to believe that we had knit/crocheted for three hours!!

Now we’re left with a real cliffhanger. . .  cue dramatic organ music. . .

Will N be able to successfully finish her first bootie by using my fudgy numbers? Will her second bootie match the first? or Will she even touch the hook or bootie before we meet? The suspense!! – Tune in again next week to find out the answers to these and other questions, like:  Will M, who missed our first meeting because of getting a perm, make it to our next? and With E on vacation, will someone else remind the ladies that it’s Crochet Corner time?

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7 Responses to A Party of Six

  1. BettyLou says:

    How special that you can help the ladies regain their mobility. My hubby is in a PT rehab now and it difficult to watch him struggle with things that came so natural to him. May God Bless you for your ministry to help others.

    • Thank You, Betty Lou.
      Yes, it’s difficult to watch, but so encouraging to see the progress being made! I’m amazed by both the level of concentration and determination. Best wishes to both of you as you go through this phase in his recovery together.

      As far as I know only the one lady has had a stroke, not something I have any experience working with, so we’re figuring out together what will help her most. It seems the other ladies have simply not knit or crocheted for a while, many years in some cases.

  2. Sharon says:

    This all sounds so rewarding for you and for them. I look forward to the continuing saga!!!

  3. AnnB says:

    Years ago, in the 90s I worked in a nursing home and one of the ladies expressed that she was a crocheter, but her reason for residence was a stroke that didn’t even allow her to feed herself. Still she believed she could crochet and loved to look at crochet patterns. If I had understood her passion, I would have located and brought small crocheted projects for her to enjoy.
    Since you’ve worked with the activities director, I would imagine the weekly crochet corner is/will be on their monthly activities calendar.
    The aides are very in tune to activities and getting residents reminded and/or ready for them.
    I look forward to your weekly updates.

    • It’s going to take me some time to find out what each lady’s passion might be. G, for example, has made it evident that she wants to Knit. Sweaters. and seemed quite insulted when I offered cotton and pattern to make a dishcloth as a warm-up project. But I need some way to assess her current ability. Considering how very TIGHTLY she knits now I thought a little bigger project, like a baby hat? O.K., a baby sweater – at least it would be a sweater – might be a good second project, but she’s NOT interested. sigh.

      “for her to enjoy” – Yes, I must always remember that my main purpose is to bring joy to their day in whatever way I can. Hate that I’m frustrating G so. Maybe I should spend some time with her just looking for feasible sweater patterns in Ravelry, although that could be hard to do if three or four others need my attention.

      Crochet Corner is on the activities calendar in late April; by then I should be an official volunteer. In the meantime I’ll continue to go as a visitor because, as you can see, the ladies are anxious to knit and crochet!

  4. AnnB says:

    Regarding the different colored knitting needles. She may also see them better this way. I’ve noticed that children’s knitting kits purposely have different colored needles.

  5. Bettina says:

    What a wonderful initiative … and already a fabulous outcome! Well done Linda – totally heartwarming 🙂 Looking forward to future updates.

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