#16 – Mill Ends

Trying out the pretty yarn on the right this week. All three of these are from a single bag of mill ends that I found at JoAnns last fall.

606 7 millends

To camouflage that it’s sportweight while all the other yarns in this ripple are worsted/aran, I did hdcs with it instead of dcs.

646 closeL

You might also want to take a close look at the narrow dark stripes right next to the multi-color. I used red violet, concord purple and brown berry interchangeably as if they were all the same color; from a distance they all just read as “dark”.

Clown Fishy

646 full

When I reached my usual count of 84 rows I realized that the blanket was still several inches short. How had I forgotten to consider that hdc stitches aren’t as tall as dc ones!?! Limited by the amount remaining of each color yarn, I decided to add another gold stripe on just one end. DH says that will make it easier to remember which end of the blanket is the ‘Top’. lol

I then finished by adding yet another narrow purple/vrgtd/white/vrgtd/purple band to both ends.

The rest of the yarns are anonymous gold and white, a beautiful raspberry chenille unraveled from a thrift shop sweater, and, last but definitely not least, RHSS ‘Coral’ from Lisa of TN.

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