More “Diapers”

I could easily guess which of my yarn fairies sent me this package; as a mother of eight, I’m sure Melissa of GA has reused many a diaper box!

647 1-diapers

Carefully packed inside are a wonderful assortment of yarns.

First the natural fibers and blends:

The top row is mostly ‘Bernat cottontot’, which I’ll probably offer to the Crochet Corner ladies for dishcloths. The three small balls of burgundy are ‘Zitron Polo’, which is a 60 cotton/40 acrylic yarn of an interesting cable construction. At $7.00 a ball it seems rather dear for dishcloths! I’ll look it up in Ravelry for ideas of more appropriate projects. By the feel, I expect it’s popular for baby clothes.

647 3-naturals

The second and third rows are wool and wool blends, I think. I’m making a guess on the unlabeled cream and burgundy, not yet having done burn tests. The salmon ‘Pingouin Pingofrance II’ in the bottom row is a particularly nice DK weight yarn of 75 acrylic/ 25 wool. Ten skeins! – That’s enough for a small blanket! Or maybe the CC ladies will want to make scarves.

Also unsure about some of the unlabeled yarns that I’ve included in acrylics. I recognize a couple, but I’m just guessing about the rest.

647 4-acrylics

The tan yarn at the top is labeled ‘GALA yarns’, ‘acrylic, polyester, nylon’, and ‘machine washable and dryable at 86F’. But it gave off a definite burned hair smell and formed a plastic-like bead when I did a burn test on a sample, so I think it’s an acrylic/wool blend. The other two are an interesting chenille/tape. Their labels simply say ‘Festival Mixed Fiber’, and ‘polyester acrylic’.

647 5- ? ?

Think I can mix it with ‘regular’ acrylics in a ripple? Maybe I should crochet a swatch and put it through the wash to be sure.

Thank you, Melissa! Thank You for thinking of me and the foster kids as you destashed. You can trust that eventually I’ll find just the right project for every skein. Although, the ‘right project’ may turn out to be on the hook or needles of a CC lady.

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4 Responses to More “Diapers”

  1. Crap, I should have included a note!! Cakes are mostly Wool-ease. The thick grey mix is Charisma and I have many cousin skeins in another box almost ready to ship. That got put in there accidentally. I have a box of bulky earmarked for you too 😉

    • That’s O.K.; I just put the questionable cakes aside while I waited to hear back from you. Better to have them sit in time-out for a while than to have a ripple to go bad in the washer/drier cuz I mistakenly included some wool!

      Oooooh, Charisma is very nice feeling for being 100% acrylic! I look forward to meeting the grey’s cousins.

  2. Sandi S says:

    What a fabulous yarn fairy to send you so many lovely yarns. YES – Charisma is a wonderful bulky yarn to work with, we use it often at Hugs & Stitches for the Cold Weather Shelter items. We have a lady in Florida who makes BAGS of scarves out of that and then mails them to us along with extra yarn to make hats to match. You will love working with it.

    • Oh, but, Sandi, I think every yarn fairy is Fabulous!! – It’s hard for me to imagine boxing up and sending away tons of my stash like they, including you, do.

      Hmmm, maybe I can interest my ladies in doing some kind of charity project with the coming Charisma. Depending on the right pattern, bulky can mean Quick yet with Impressive-Looking results.

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