#17 – Restoring Balance

While getting out some Red Heart Super Saver ‘Cherry Red’ to use in ‘Fruit Punch’, I noticed the overabundance of BRILLIANT RED yarns in my charity stash. Thanks to this week’s ripple, that is no longer a problem!


649 full view

It’s hard to make out the white rows on both ends of this ripple when it’s displayed on snow.

649 close-up end

Yes, snow.

I’m just now nearing the end of the ripple stash that I built up by unflaggingly crocheting my way through an exceptionally cold, snowy winter.

649 snow scene

I’m really looking forward to shooting ripple photos while wearing short-sleeves and flip-flops!

P.S. Along with the mix of brilliant reds, I used RHSS ‘Turqua’ from Lisa of TN and vintage Carrousel Wintuk ‘Navy’ from Sandi of MD.

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2 Responses to #17 – Restoring Balance

  1. BettyLou says:

    Good morning, Linda. I am always excited and inspired when I open the morning emails and see a new post from alottastitches and pictures of your latest creation. I have corresponded with you before about my ministry of making Prayer Shawls and have longed to have a signature pattern that I would use over and over as you have. Seems that I can make a shawl rather quickly but will waste days looking for new pattern on the Internet. With that said this morning I ordered “Afghans for All Seasons”. used of course from Amazon. Will the ripple be my favorite pattern, I don’t know, but you have inspired me to find my signature shawl pattern.

    • Hello and a lovely afternoon to you, BettyLou ~

      Yay! to your having bought the book used. 😀

      Yes, looking for new patterns, like exploring the forums in Ravelry, is relaxing and fun, but not very productive. lol.

      The Rustic Ripple, as written, uses two strands of yarn held together. Made with one strand it comes out about 32″ wide; but with just a couple of changes you can make whatever width of blanket, or shawl, you want. I’d be glad to help with that.

      Best wishes as you begin to look for your signature pattern.

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