A Crochet Corner Update

N, who wanted to crochet booties so badly, has gone home – YAY! I’m so happy for her, but sad that I wasn’t able to get the revised pattern to her in time. Ellen said I should hang onto the pattern and bootie samples as, you never know, N may be back some day.

H spent CC time working on a jigsaw puzzle with her daughter, but she did bring her more than half-way knit Double Bump dishcloth to show me. – A missed photo opportunity as I could have shown you that! – She had no idea of what she’d like to knit next, so I showed her my finished example of Cathy Waldie’s Two Hearts as One Dishcloth.

650 hearts

Both H and her daughter seem intrigued by how the image ‘magically’ appears. I hope she has fun knitting a Two Hearts with Bernat Cottontots ‘Country Red’, darkest of the three pinks that I gave her to pick from, a gift from yarn fairy Melissa of GA.

650 3 pink yarns

Since I last saw D’s dishcloth she has unraveled it so many times the yarn looks worn and splits very easily. Rather than try casting on with it yet again I suggested she use some new yarn. She picked the palest of the above pinks and also chose to move up one size in needles, to #8s, in hopes that her garter stitch fabric will come out less dense. I also showed her how to create some ease by spacing out her cast-on stitches so it will easier to insert the needle when she knits the first row.

650 spaced cast-on

She made me feel like some kind of genius for knowing about this, thanking me over and over once she saw what a difference it made! I’m just happy that I could save her some frustration. – I was certain that I had read somewhere in the Techknitter blog, a wonderful resource BTW, why this method is better than, say, casting on over two needles, but today I can’t seem to find the post. argh!  You can read here what author Cap Sease has to say about this issue in her book ‘Cast On, Bind Off’. . . Next time maybe D and I will work on the idea of not cinching up on the yarn after every stitch.

P, the crocheting aide, stopped by and helped B, stroke survivor, experiment with alternating hdc and slip stitches as in Lisa Gonzalez’ bumpy textured Spring Forth Potholder, the pattern B picked earlier from photos in Ravelry. Here’s the sample I did with G hook and worsted weight cotton, as the pattern calls for, so she could see the fabric Lisa intends for us to use double-layered.

650 Spring Forth

And here’s my second sample, done with the size P hook and a super bulky yarn like B has been practicing with.

650 SF in bulky

Maybe not so good for a potholder, but great for a trivet!

Hmmm. I seem to have missed someone. N went home, H – Two Hearts, D – new yarn, B – bulky texture. Ah, yes. . . M! M set aside the very pretty but bumpy yarn, similar to Lion Brand’s Homespun, that she unraveled last week and started on a sc place mat with a simple acrylic blue variegated.

There’s a musical program again next week so Ellen will let everyone know that I’m going to arrive an hour later than usual.

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2 Responses to A Crochet Corner Update

  1. BettyLou says:

    Sound like a very busy and productive group, God Bless you for teaching the ladies a new craft or helping them remember old skills.

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