Coming Along

I began with 59 five-round granny squares, a gift from Karen of MA.

643 2 - granny sqs

Thought that I would use 54 of them in a 6 x 9 lay-out. But, after trying to arrange them into some kind of a pattern, I went with just 52 of her originals and then crocheted two more from the variegated scraps which Karen included.

651 just 2 more

I managed to match Karen’s stitch gauge on my first try. Woo-Hoo!!

651 2-gauge

While working in all 216 yarn ends, (54 squares x 4 ends) I thought about how I was going connect the squares. I decided to go with the Zig-Zag or Chain Stitch Join, again, because it works so well with squares of slightly different sizes. I last used this method on the Thrifty Granny of December 2012. The photos in the joining tutorial that I linked to in that old post have disappeared, so I hope this single photo of DH showing the ‘Thrifty Granny’s’ zig-zag-in-progress will be enough to help those of you who would like to give this charming join a try – each three-stitch chain is anchored by a slip-stitch that I worked into either a corner or the space between two 3-dc granny clusters.

179 zig-zag join

Like usual, the ‘Variegated Granny’s’ first seam seemed to take forever. But here, nearly finished with the second seam, I’m starting to hit my stride. “Chain 1, chain 2, chain 3, . . . then slip-stitch between the next two clusters.”

651 in-prog-1“Chain 1, 2, 3. . .

651 in-prog-1a

then slip-stitch into the next square’s lower corner.”

651 in-prog-2

Moving on to Seam #3.

651 in-prog-3

Repeat process through Seam #8, then turn everything 90° and zig-zag the five length-wise seams.

651 in-prog-4Before long I was done. Yay!

651 joined

Now it’s time to think about a border while I work in the few new yarn ends left from the zig-zag. I’d really like the blanket’s white perimeter to be about the same width as the white lattice between the variegated parts, but putting a final white round on those two new squares and doing the zig-zag joins took 3+ of the four small balls of white that Karen included.

643 3-bits

Boy, oh boy. . . I sure hope I have a similar-looking white in my stash!

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2 Responses to Coming Along

  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Linda! I never know what you will be working on next – – very, very nice!! You waste no yarn or time it would seem. Great work!!

    • Thank you, but I must pass most of your praise on to Karen as she did most of the work on this granny.

      “You waste no yarn or time” – I’m so glad that Karen saved and sent me the little scrap balls of those two variegateds. – and – I have to keep up the crochet pace; the incoming fairy yarn and blanket kits threaten to Bury Me! lol

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