At Last. . .

the 2015 Tag Sale Season has begun!

I got twenty-four ounces of ‘Baby Yellow’ Caron Sayelle, some knitted up, some in skeins, for just $2.00 – the equivalent of 58¢ per 7-ounce skein. YAY!!

655 27-oz. of yellow

Some of my other finds are already on their way to foster children:

  • 8 stuffed animals, Beanie Baby size or a little larger – 25 to 50¢ each
  • 3 five-inch metal Tonka trucks – 25¢ each
  • 5 new-in-bag foam puzzles, similar to this one – all 5 for $1.00

DH’s best find was a 6-foot aluminum stepladder, in very good condition, for $5.00!

While mine was a solar-powered fountain, which looks quite a bit like this one, for $2.00. Although I seriously doubt that it can process 53 gallons per hour, I hope it will create enough water sound to attract more birds to our yard.

Less significant, but still great finds:

  • bag of 42 plastic Easter eggs – 10¢
  • crib-sized quilt batting – 50¢
  • Solar Shield spring-loaded clip-on sunglasses of the same shape as my prescription glasses (about $15 at Walgreens) – 25¢
  • sealed bottle of Avon Skin-so-Soft lotion – 50¢
  • 2 bottles Bath & Body Works bath gel – 50¢ each – (discovered that we both love the smell of Dreamy Vanilla Woods! But the Cool Citrus Basil?. . . not so much. So I’ll pass it on.)
  • set of drill bits – 50¢

Other recent deals on yarn came from Big Box Stores, not tag sales. At Savers I got:

655 Savers' haul

  • three 7-ounce skeins of RHSS ‘Perfect Pink’ for $4.49
  • 13 ounces of RHSS ‘Soft Navy’-  $2.99
  • three 7-ounce skeins of RHSS ‘Pale Yellow’ – $4.49
  • which is about $1.50 per 7 ounce skein

There were also bags with just two skeins, priced at $3.99. Which would you buy? lol

And at A.C. Moore I got. . .

655 RHSS 'Soft White'

  • one 7-ounce skein of RHSS ‘Soft White’, with a 40% off coupon – $1.79

Although those 29¢ per skein savings at Savers did add up, even better was being able to buy so many at once! Only one coupon per day per customer is allowed at A.C. Moore or Michaels. And, although I can use multiple coupons on regularly priced items at JoAnns, she’s had RHSS “on sale”, for as little as 20¢ off, for weeks and weeks and weeks! 😛

Lastly, a short tale about a completely unrelated thrifty find. . .

When I dropped a pile of large print Word Search books off at the nursing home’s central desk last week, – about 15¢ each at Sal’s – I asked if there was anything else that they would like me to watch for at tag sales/thrift shops and the nurse immediately asked for a toddler’s shapes game, great for helping seniors’ regain hand-eye coordination and general motor skills.

655 shapes game

Fisher-Price, missing one block – Thrilled to have found this at Savers on my very next visit. – $2.99.

655 shapes

These go for $9.97 at WalMart, so Yay!

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