#20 – Inspired by. . .

Manel’s “Pastels”.

I fell in love with the colors when I came across it in Ravelry months ago. Checking my stash recently, I was delighted to find that I had enough yarns of similar colors to make a ripple version.

Made use of the light purple from that XXXL chenille sweater yet again, along with three other chenille yarns, all from thrifty sweaters, and some Famous Makers’ Odd Lots pale rose,

657 yarns

plus several creamy whites, including Caron dazzleaire ‘White’ and some acrylic “mohair”, all of which had to be carefully inspected by Emily

657 yrns+whE

before she would let me pick up my hook.

657 close

Of lighter weight and a little smaller than usual, this would be a very nice summer blanket for a foster baby.

Lilac Season

657 full-size

I think having ends that match makes it feel a little less “scrappy”. Must remember this idea for future scrap ripples.

657 end

Who knew that photographing ripples could be dangerous? This is what happened a split second after I got up from smoothing out this week’s ripple in preparation for its photo session. . . BAM!!

657 ladder

Being aluminum, our step-ladder isn’t heavy, but it sure has alotta sharp corners. gulp. Must remember. . . on gusty days set the ladder far away until I’m about to use it.

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2 Responses to #20 – Inspired by. . .

  1. Karen says:

    LOVE it! You are so very talented at putting colors together. It is a gorgeous blanket.

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