Granny Kit #2

Remember the pink and white granny squares that Karen of MA made? – two strips, each with seven squares, and ten loose squares.

643 4-more sqs

I briefly considered using a 7 x 11 layout until I realized that would mean making fifty-three more squares! (77 – 24 = 53) So I’m going with a 6 x 9 layout, instead, like I used for ‘A Bold Variegated Granny’, which means I that only need to make thirty. (6 x 9 = 54 – 24 = 30) Yay!

I may already have enough pink yarns, thanks to Karen’s generosity.

643 5-yarns for more sqs

But the small ball of white I have left after doing the Variegated Granny’s zig-zag join is definitely not going to be enough for 30 squares! Having noticed that Karen used a few different shades of white,

658 one ball of white

I gathered from stash what I hope will be more-than-enough.

658 white yarns

But before I start crocheting the new squares – looking forward to playing with all those Pretty Pinks! – I’m going to weave in the 264 yarn ends peeking out of Karen’s squares. (264 = 24 sqs x 10 (5 rounds x 2 ends each) + 24 on seams between squares) – ugh. –

Listening to a book on cd is sure to help the job go more quickly.

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